Easter 2012…

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…we love the cats…

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100th Post Give Away! Yay!

OddOneOut has reached her 100th post and to celebrate she is hosting a give-away, in conjunction with DogBoxStudio. Please visit her blog here for further details…

Congratulations to OddOneOut and good luck to all who enter!!!

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A few four-legs from the DogBoxStudio album…

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Sasha the Pitbull Pup

The Pitbull is regarded as the strongest dog breed in the world, therefore it’s no surprise that there is so much controversy surrounding the nature and character of this breed. However, many factors contribute to the well-being of this breed, short and long term.This four-month old pup proved to be a bit of a clown, curious and highly energetic. She enjoyed playtime tremendously! When asleep, the only thing that could pull her from dreamland was the sniff of a Beeno dog biscuit held in front of her nose.Sasha displayed incredible strength for a pup her age and showed signs that she would develop into a sturdy, well-balanced adult. A few years of severe “naughtiness” was definitely ahead, while shrubs and rose buds, slippers and socks, chair and table legs…and bed cushions would regard her as a merciless menace! All a part of growing up… Most certainly one of the busiest pooches we have had to photograph! Not an easy job, but loads of fun! That “puppy smile” face really plucks the strings of your heart…and with such an innocent, yet manipulative stare, one cannot help but to give her the last delicious bite of your pizza.

What an incredible dog!

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The Drooling Boxer – Bullet

Bullet is a pooch who encourages anybody who comes within close range to carry a shield and napkin. Many helpless leafy shrubs, garden gnomes and ornaments have suffered a drooling ordeal. Any scent of a juicy bone or marie biscuit causes a thick dripping manifestation of lust to devour every last crumb and any last bit of bone marrow. When Bullet shakes his big body, take cover…

Bullet is one of those dogs who gets the best attention, love and care, and his health and positive character portrays exactly that! Weighing twice as much as his master, Carmen…he loves a lap to sit on!

This pooch has an amazing character, somewhat clownish!!! His strong stature will make you feel safe, and you’ll always have great fun together!!! Bullet will sit at my right hand when the silver tops are lifted to reveal the tasty cuisine…most definitely!!!

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Moya – The Rhodesian Ridgeback

This was one special dog that showed a truly pleasant nature, a very beautiful character, obedience & eagerness!!! What a pleasure to spend time in studio with this little giant!!! Most certainly one of the top highlights in my canine portfolio!!!

I’d give this pooch a gold medal for just pitching up…!!!!

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